Four Benefits of Using A Storage Unit When Moving Into A New Home

There are several ways to make the moving process easier, such as looking into cheap storage units in Chicago. You can even rent a storage unit with your moving company. Here are four benefits of using a storage unit when moving into a new home.

Saves Time Before The Move

It is recommended to get rid of unwanted items before the move. However, you may not have time to sell, donate or give away your items until later. Pack these items into separate boxes to place into storage. Once you settle into your new home, you can remove and start sorting through these items.

Place For Your Excess Pieces

If you cannot move your ottoman or extra dining chairs into your new home right away, you may be worried that you have to get rid of these pieces. The good news is you can look into cheap storage units in Chicago for your excess pieces until you are ready to move them into your home.

Your Items Are Always Safe

You do not have to worry about your items when you place them inside a storage unit. A self storage facility is protected by gates, locks and special codes to ensure your items are safe from burglars. Your items are also stored in a dry unit made of fire-proof materials to protect them from damage.

Easy Access To Your Items

The schedule of a self storage facility varies per company, but most facilities allow you to access your storage unit during business hours. There are also facilities that offer 24-hour access. Regardless of which schedule your facility offers, you have the ability to add, remove or sort through your items with ease.

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