Free Japanese Dating: Tips for Gays and Lesbians

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In the pre-modern Japanese era, the term “nanshoku”, which literally translates to “male colors”, was used pretty widely. Moreover, in the 11th century masterpiece- Genji Monogatari (or The Tale of Genji), there are multiple references to homosexual or same-sex acts. Some of these tales also contain scandalous references of Emperors involved in homosexuality, wherein “handsome boys” were retained by the emperors for sexual purposes. It is very evident that homosexuality is not a new concept in Japan. Today, the Japanese society is neither sympathetic nor hostile towards gays in the nation. You can also find several free Japanese dating services for same-sex couples online.

Free Japanese Dating: Enjoying the Gay Scene in Japan

Ni-ch?me is the hub of Tokyo’s gay scene, with as many as 200 to 300 gay pubs, bars and clubs; thus offering ample fun options to enjoy free Japanese dating with the same sex. It is said that there are more gay bars per block in Ni-ch?me than any other region in the world. The gay establishments in Ni-ch?me vary in size. Most are generally limited to ten people or less. The maximum capacity of gay clubs in this region is approximately one hundred. Larger gay events are typically held in The Arch, located on Shinjuku Ni-ch?me. This club has many specialties, including theme parties, underground music and special nights for gays and lesbians. Patrons can also find drag divas and other such colorful entertainment embellishments.

Free Japanese Dating: Consider the Laws on Homosexuality

Homosexuality is not explicitly prohibited in the traditional Japanese religions, including Buddhism, Confucianism and Shintoism. Sodomy was criminalized in the country during the early Meiji era, around 1873, in accordance with the Qing legal codes and beliefs of the Western Culture. However, this provision was revoked seven years later, under the 1880 Penal Code, in compliance with the Napoleonic Code. Ever since, there is no law against homosexuality in Japan and people can indulge in free Japanese dating with a member of the same sex. Sex among consenting adults, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation, is legal under the Japanese law as long as the act itself is conducted in private.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, there are clear laws against it. According to the Japanese constitution, article 24 – a marriage is valid if it is initiated after the mutual consent of “both sexes”, wherein both the husband and wife have equal rights. However, there was a positive development for the homosexual community on March 20, 2009. On this day it was reported that Japan gave the ‘green signal’ to its gay nationals to get married to same-sex foreign partners in nations where it is considered legal.

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