Get the Best Service at Our Family Eye Clinic in Beaverton OR

Ever feel like no one is listening to you about your eye problems, come in and see us for all your needs. The family eye clinic in Beaverton OR will make sure you feel safe and secure in whatever procedures you will need. Anything from a simple eye test to an operation you will never feel like all your questions are not answered from our expert optometrists.

If you are getting more frequent headaches than usual, or your eyes or head hurt after working on your computer, you may need corrective lenses to resolve the problem. The quickest way to check for a problem is to visit the family eye clinic in Beaverton OR for a simple eye test.

If you are showing any signs of blurred vision, your eyes are red and you don´t know why, or you´re seeing a halo around lights these can be signs of glaucoma. If your vision is a bit cloudy, or you are seeing double these can be signs of cataracts. It is extremely important that you get to the eye doctor´s right away. Not focusing on your vision problems can lead to blindness and at our family eye clinic in Beaverton OR we can help stop this from happening by catching it early. You can help yourself by staying healthy and have regular check-ups.

Glaucoma is caused by pressure building up in your eyes. family eye clinic in Beaverton OR

Surgery can fix the pressure and it can be controlled with drugs afterwards. It usually affects both eyes not just one and is the leading cause of blindness. If the pressure continues to build up it can damage the optic nerve which in turn causes blindness. Diabetes, eye drops that have a high amount of steroids or previous surgeries can cause glaucoma. Family eye clinic Beaverton OR can test the pressure in your eyes with our clean and safe equipment to ensure that the early signs of Glaucoma are spotted and treatment arranged before you lose your eyesight.

To check for cataracts you will have to read an eye chart which enables to the optometrist to determine if you have prefect vision or not. If it´s not 20/20 vision this may just mean you need glasses. Your doctor may use a bright light and look into your eyes to see if there are any small bumps or anything that doesn´t belong on your eye. These tiny bumps change your eye lens and when this occurs this is called a cataract. Surgery is not always needed. Eye drops can be provided if caught in time. Surgery is very common and a very safe procedure, but only needed if you are failing to do your day to day activities. Family eye clinic Beaverton OR will sit with you and decide what the best option for you is.

Get the most of your vision by visiting the family eye clinic in Beaverton OR today at Beaverton OR Eye care Center. Our fully trained and licensed optometrist Michael Young OD will help you see the world again. Browse the site for more details.

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