Get Your Child Off To A Great Dental Start

Many parents of young children are still unsure of when to take their children into see the dentist.  Still others are not quite sure whether to take their toddlers into see their personal dentist, or a dentist who specializes in pediatric patients.    The truth is that a childrens dentist in Redding can help your kids to have exceptional oral health at an early age.  

There are discrepancies on what age you should take your child in for their first appointment.  While some pediatric dentists recommend having a first appointment before the age of one, others recommend bringing your child in before the age of three.  Either way, the primary goal is to teach your child that the dentist’s office is a friendly place where they can learn how to take care of their teeth.  Making sure that your child is not afraid of the dentist at an early age will increase their chances of having a lifetime full of positive dental experiences.

Parents can learn valuable information from a childrens dentist in Redding.  Not only are they able to educate you on the care of your child’s teeth, but they can answer more specific questions dealing with issues, such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, or teething.  They will help you to implement vital strategies within the home that can protect against potential problems, including cavities, and gingivitis.

Fluoride and sealants are other important treatments used to care for young teeth.  Fluoride treatments are essential for the healthy growth and development of a child’s teeth.  It works to strengthen the enamel of the tooth, and helps to protect the tooth against damage.  Some areas may have fluoride added to the water supply, and it is important to let your dentist know where you live before giving your child additional fluoride treatments.

A children’s dentist in Redding may find it necessary to apply dental sealants to your child’s teeth.  Some children have rather deep groves on the surface of the tooth, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, causing cavities.  During the procedure, a plastic material is applied to the surface of the permanent teeth.  They may prevent some children from getting cavities.

As a parent, it is important to provide your children with the best dental care possible.  A childrens dentist in Redding can help make going to the dentist fun.  They will learn the importance of taking great care of their teeth, which is a skill they will need for the rest of their life.

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