Getting a Loved One to an Albuquerque Rehab Facility

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Healthcare

One of the most difficult things in life is having a loved one who is drug or alcohol addicted and not seeking help. The natural instinct is to try to force or pressure the individual into an Albuquerque rehab facility, but this instinct is not often helpful and may create more difficulties.

The reality is, you cannot force a loved one into a Rehab Facility In Albuquerque. In some cases, a court may become involved and order treatment, which is an option your family may want to consider in consultation with an attorney.

However, if this is not a possibility, there may be options for talking to your loved one about the importance of being admitted into an Albuquerque rehab facility. The way this is approached and the message you convey can help a person see the importance of getting help and taking that first step of admitting to a problem.

Timing of the Discussion

When planning your conversation about attending a rehab facility in Albuquerque with your loved one, timing is important. Choose a time when you are both calm and haven’t recently had a disagreement about the addiction and the problems it is causing in your lives.

It is never a good idea to have the conversation when the individual is impaired, nor is advantageous to talk when they are feeling upset, depressed, or defensive after being intoxicated or under the influence.

Talk without Judgement or Blame

While it is natural for parents, spouses, siblings, or partners to be very angry with the addict, talking without heaping on blame, shame, judgement, and condemnation is critical.

Instead, focus on the specific behaviors and how you see a change in your relationship. Focus on your desires for their happiness and safety, not about all the dangerous and self-defeating behaviors they are exhibiting.

Use Open-Ended Questions

To introduce the idea of going to an Albuquerque rehab facility, use open-ended questions instead of questions requiring only yes or no answers.

For example, instead of saying “you want to get help, don’t you?”, try wording the question more along the lines of “what would you like to do differently if you could?” This question could then be followed up with “what can I do to help you achieve that change?”

If you have a loved one you think would benefit from attending treatment in a rehab facility in Albuquerque, give the facility a call. Intake staff can be very helpful in preparing for the conversation and providing information about their programs.

We are here to help family members get their loved ones the treatment they need for recovery at our rehab facility in Albuquerque.

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