Getting Assistance from Bail Bondsmen in Van Zandt County, Texas

People that are arrested, booked, and sent to jail will have to stay there unless they can afford the bail that the judge sets. Most of the time, the full bail is so much that the defendants cannot afford it. That is why they turn to bail bond agencies that can assist them. Bail bondsmen in Van Zandt County, Texas will help defendants who are trying to get out of jail or avoid jail until the time of their court hearing. Here are some things to know about what the bail bond agencies require.

The Requirements of Bail Bond Agencies

For the convenience of getting out jail, bail bond agencies charge defendants a fee of 10 or 15 percent of the total bail amount. This fee is determined by whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. Along with this fee, defendants will have to come up with some sort of collateral, which will help ensure the agencies will get their full money. The collateral that is accepted could be anything of great value, such as a condo, certificates of deposit, bonds, automobiles, real estate, or a boat.

More about Bail Bond Agencies’ Requirements

The defendants have a responsibility to the agency to show up for all of their court hearings, lest they be accused of jumping or skipping bail. If they skip or jump bail, the collateral will be in danger of being foreclosed on, and the defendants may lose the collateral altogether. This would be especially bad if the collateral was put up by someone else. If the defendants show up for their court hearings, the collateral will be released and returned, no matter what the outcome of the hearing is.

Bail Bond Agencies for Assistance

Bail bond agencies make themselves available to all of the jails where defendants may find themselves after an arraignment. A to Z Bail Bonds is a bail bond agency that provides various services for people in the area, including bail bonds and notary services. If a person needs to talk to bail bondsmen in Van Zandt County, Texas, they should contact A to Z Bail Bonds. Call today to schedule a consultation with the agency.

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