Getting Ready for Professional Home Pressure Washing In Charleston SC

Choosing to have your home professionally pressure washed is a great way to spruce up the exterior every spring, before putting your home on the market or just when you notice it is starting to look a bit dull and dingy. Home pressure washing in Charleston SC is suitable for virtually any type of siding and exterior materials from vinyl to natural wood to masonry and concrete.

If you have booked a professional to come in and do your Home pressure washing in Charleston SC there are a few simple tasks that you can do to get your place ready. Having the home ready to go when the professionals get there makes the job much easier and also ensures the safety of all your possession.

Remove Items from the Exterior of the Home

Some homes are more decorative than others, but if you have signs, plaques, artwork or decorations that are attached to the exterior of the house it is a good idea to remove them. This stops any possible damage to the items and also prevents damage to the exterior of the home when the spray hits the items and causes them to move against the surface of the house.

Remove Planters and Baskets

If it is already the growing season when you are hiring home pressure washing in Charleston SC remove all your potted plants and hanging baskets. While a top company will be using only environmentally friendly chemicals in their pressure washing solution that will not harm the plants, the force of the spray can strip off leaves and flowers. By simply moving these items away from the surfaces to be cleaned by the company offering home pressure washing in Charleston SC any possible issues are removed.


It is a good idea to kennel or put dogs and cats indoors during the home pressure washing in Charleston SC. This just stops pets from being frightened with the water spray or getting in the way of the workers. It also prevents dogs from getting out of gates as workers move from the back to the front of the house or vice versa.

Any patio furniture or yard ornaments that you want to have as part of your home pressure washing in Charleston SC can be left out while other items that don’t need cleaning can be set aside. This helps the professionals understand clearly what you want them to clean and what you can handle on your own.

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