Glass Tile: Add Some Sparkle to Your Life and Home

Home designing experts and interior designers recommend glass tile installation in your home. In most cases, glass tile are renowned for their beauty, vitality and durability. In such situations, they are placed in rooms such as the living room or the dining area for the sole purpose of enhancing their appearance. There are other cases where glass tile are suggested due to their versatility against mold, mildew, grime and dirt. Because they are immune to moisture effects, they are most often installed in bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas. Though they do boost the appeal of such locations, their primary purpose for such rooms is meant for immunity against the natural disintegration of walls and floors as time goes by.

Glass tile are often used in kitchens, baths, wall backsplashes and mosaics. There are cases where they have been blended with metal, textiles and wood as an artistic idea so as to bring out a more lively effect and vibrant design. They come in two primary groups, regardless of what color and texture you choose: lightweight tiles and heavyweight tiles. Lightweight tiles are usually used for ornamental purposes such as mosaics or wall backsplashes—they are meant for more artistic purposes. Heavyweight tiles are used for flooring, counters or the bottoms of pools.

As the name implies, glass tiles are tiles made of glass. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and texture. These tiles are cut, blended, dyed and melted into either bubbled tile, slumped tile, etched tile, subway tile, mosaic tile, frosted tile, recycled tile or clear tile which is rated to be the most elegant out of all other options. Recycled glass tile which come in a range of colors, designs and shapes. These particular glass tiles are environmentally safe because they keep glass out of landfills and decrease the risk of accidents and death for other creatures in the ecosystem.

There is a plethora of textures, designs, patterns and colors to choose from when considering glass tile for your home. They are one of the most popular additions to mostly kitchens and baths for remodeling purposes. Most people assume that glass is shiny, clear and smooth. The truth of the matter is that each tile comes in different shades of color and different surfaces. Some may be opalescent with a reflective, solid color blended into the tile itself. Others are sandblasted with a bumpy finish and some are come in multi-colors with rainbow effects or solid colors.

The process of designing glass tile contains steps that involve mixing pigments prior to and during the melting process and allowing enough time for the colors and dye to permeate the tile’s body. Layers of color are added depending on the shade of the tile. Other techniques take place afterward to craft the tile’s texture.



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