Granite Countertops in San Antonio: Will They Stain?

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, picking the perfect countertops is one of many decisions you have to make. A laminate countertop is the cheapest and most popular option. This is because most people just want to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, laminate countertops are very easy to damage. It does not take much for them to become cracked and warped. If you are looking for a better alternative to laminate countertops you might want to consider granite countertops in San Antonio.

Regardless of what style or color you decide on, granite countertops in San Antonio are built to start in perfect condition for a long time. This is assuming that you take the necessary steps needed to care for them. One of the largest benefits to this type of countertop is the fact that it is very resistant to stains. It can, however, become discolored if you leave cooking oils or water standing on it for a long period of time. As long as you clean up after yourself and clean up any spills, you should not have to worry about staining or discoloring your granite countertop.

When you have a granite countertop, staining is not something that is permanent. Even a stain caused by cooking oil can be removed if you have the right set of tools. The best way to remove stains from granite countertops is by using a paste called poultice. This is a paste that draws the material of the stain to the surface and then it absorbs it. Putting a thick layer of this paste over a stain and covering it with plastic for a day or two is enough to make most stains go away. Just remember you will have to scrap it away with something sharp once it is done. Then, you should finish off the process by wiping your countertop with a dry cloth.

If you want beautiful countertops that are easy to keep free of stains and exceptionally clean, you cannot go wrong with installing granite countertops. They even look great in most kitchen decors as well. Visit the website for more information.

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