Hanukkah Games Ideas with Chocolate Coins Gelt

According to a report by Fox News in 2010, eating small bits of chocolate every day could reduce the risk of developing a heart attack or having a stroke by up to 40%. Chocolate has found its way to become a significant part of the popular Jewish festival in the form of Chanukah gelt in the 20th century. Since it was both uneconomical and futile to give small children money in the form of gold pennies American chocolatiers introduced an alternative, both tasteful and wholesome. You can make children earn their chocolate coins by planning up some Hanukkah games and determining the winners.

Games to Play on Hanukkah to Earn Chocolate Coins

Given below are some interesting games that help small children learn about Hanukkah as well as encourage them to win gelt in the form of chocolate coins:

Dreidel game: You can use chocolate coins instead of money in the center pot to play the game. Keep simple rules so that it is easier for the kids to earn the gelt. It would be nice if everyone gets some share of the gelt or you can extend small mesh bags containing few candies at the end as party favors.

Hanukkah anagrams: Make a list of 5-10 Chanukah related words for the participants and instruct them to form any amount of different words from the given words in the list. Choose at least three winners to extend three big boxes of party favors while satisfying the other participants with standard participation candy pouches. This game will be a hit among teenagers and adults however small children are most likely to add fun to it by forming funny words.

Treasure hunt: Form a set of cue cards that would lead the participant groups to the treasure pots containing chocolate coins gelt at different locations. Utilize simple cues formed from questions related to children’s school books or favorite cartoon.

Pin the target: Firstly, cut out the paper figures of Chanukiah, Macabee, a shamash and a shield. You may also involve the kids in the craft work. Next, hang Chanukiah and Macabee on the wall and ask the blind folded participants to pin the shamash on the chanukiah and shield on Macabee turn wise. Whoever wins, gets a box of Hanukkah chocolate coins as gelt.

You can also get customized chocolate coins with fine Hebrew characters from Torah or anything else that you like at affordable prices.


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