Have You Contacted a Social Security Law Firm in OK About Your Case?

The inability to work is frustrating enough, but when disability applications are denied, that person should contact a Social Security law firm in OK as soon as possible. The Social Security Administration has specific guidelines they follow to approve disability claims. Even minor mistakes on the application can result in a denial.

A minor mistake can cause a denial and so can the lack of supporting documentation. The person has to be receiving medical treatment for their condition and be unable to work to be approved for disability. People could be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Income (SSD) or Social Security Income (SSI).


An individual who receives SSD should apply for benefits for their spouse or minor children. In many cases, a spouse and minor children are entitled to a portion of an individual’s eligibility. Once benefits are approved, an individual will continue to receive monthly checks.

Disability Evaluations

The Social Security Administration will send an individual for a disability evaluation with an SSD doctor. Most SSD applications are initially processed through a local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office. Appeals of an unfavorable determination could be decided in front of an administrative law judge.

Going Through the Process Alone

Unfortunately, approximately 70% of first-time applicants are denied SSD and SSI. A clear history of the medical treatment that has been received and the contact information is only a small portion of applying for disability.

Length of Time

The length of time it takes to process a disability can vary. With the help of a Social Security law firm in OK, an applicant can feel confident they will have the best outcome possible in their case. If an individual is still working, their chance of being approved for disability payments is usually less.

Do not miss an opportunity to financially support yourself or your family when you are unable to work. Helpful and experienced attorneys are waiting to answer all of the questions you have about disability income. Please feel free to visit Sslcnow.com to gain more information about all of their services and success stories with disability claims.

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