Heating Pump in Newnan – A General View

by | Sep 10, 2012 | home-garden

Heating pump is a system, which is used as an alternative to the rest of the sources, like air conditioners, and furnaces. You can find many manufacturers in Newnan, which is good news for those living there. The system basically is responsible for moving heat rather than producing heat. If you need an energy efficient source for this purpose, then such heating pumps would be a good choice. The system is electricity driven, and in summers it moves hot air outside to make the room cooler, whereas in winter it moves warm air inside the room to make it warmer. This is considered energy saving, because it is 4 times more energy efficient than the amount of energy it consumes, saving much of electricity bills which we have to face in case of air conditioners.

There are different types available, but the one which is more liked is based on air, which works by transferring air between inner and outer environment depending on the weather. When electricity is used, the heating pump can reduce electricity consumption up to thirty to forty percent. Pumps are especially good for summers, because they provide more cooling than an ordinary AC because of their better dehumidification function, and as a result less energy is used. But, it is found that, they do not work better in cold weather, which is obtained through other systems.

Some ductless heating pump systems are also available for homes in Newnan termed as mini pumps, which work through air. There is also another air source system, which operates through water. This type of pump is also called reverse cycle chiller, and it is based on a system as radiant floor heating. Every system has its own energy saving capacity depending on its manufacturing qualities and mechanism used.

The most beneficial type, which is more energy saving is geothermal system, which works by transferring heat between the house, and ground or house, and a water source. This system is costly than the rest of the types, but better in its qualities. Geothermal pumps are developed for extreme climates, whereas air source pumps are developed for moderate climates. According to a survey, people are more satisfied with this system compared to other pump types. But again the selection depends on how much cost you can afford.

As the time passes new technology evolves in every area, same is the case with heating pump in Newnan, which have gone through big development due to daily needs. For residential purpose, a system known as absorption heat pump is developed which is gas driven. The system can also be driven with some other heating sources instead of gas. As there is no electricity involved in this type, hence it costs less than early types, which are electricity driven. So, what is good for your home depends on your budget, as well as the climate you are living in. To see what is good, you should consult an expert in this regard.

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