Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney to Get Compensated for a Wrong Diagnosis

Were you diagnosed for HIV some time ago, which has left you depressed? Have your friends and even some family members been avoiding you because of this? However, have you recently found out that the earlier diagnosis was, in fact, wrong? Well, then probably you should consider suing the doctor who carried out that diagnosis, immediately. Find a reputable medical malpractice attorney, and get the process underway, as soon as you possibly can.

Am I sure to win the case, if a reputable attorney represents me?

Well, no lawyer can give such a guarantee, no matter how strong the arguments in your favor might be. However, your chances of winning the case will be quite high in case:

  1. The doctor who performed the faulty diagnosis never asked you about your medical history, and did not maintain a record of the same (obviously).

  1. The doctor made the diagnosis based on his “experience and knowledge”, without asking you to carry out appropriate tests.

  1. The doctor disclosed your “supposedly positive” HIV status to a third party, including, but not limited to your family members and friends.

All you need to do is help the medical malpractice attorney to prove at least a couple of these facts, and you can be almost certain about winning the case, hands down.

What kind of a medical malpractice attorney should I get in touch with?

Extensive knowledge of the laws applicable in your State and experience of handling cases like yours should be the most significant criteria influencing your selection of the attorney. Make sure that the attorney has a license that allows him to fight cases in your state. That will ensure his familiarity of the State laws anyway, and besides, he may know a few law enforcement officials as well, which will facilitate collection of evidence relevant to your case.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Well, first off, never keep any secrets from the lawyer when you are discussing your case with him. Even a seemingly insignificant point might help the professional gain an edge over the defense lawyer in the court, swaying the verdict in your favor. Also, be sure to ask him about his fees, before you hire him. That’s all you have to do, other than cooperating with him during the case, of course.

So, stop suffering in silence for a faulty diagnosis made by an inexperienced doctor. File a lawsuit against him by hiring a medical malpractice attorney. Los Angeles has quite a few reputable professionals of that kind, practicing in the region. Get in touch with one of them, and you are likely to be adequately compensated for your suffering.

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