Hiring Experienced Veterans Benefits Attorneys to Handle Client Cases

The process involved with getting military disability payments can be much different than the one used for pursuing civilian disability. It can require more precise proof and a longer commitment.

Instead of handling your case yourself, you can hire a lawyer that has experience arguing for clients in military court. You can retain one of the experienced veterans benefits attorneys in Kentucky to take your case.

Proving Your Claim

When you first take your case to court, you need to establish right away that you are injured or ill and cannot return to work or active duty. You must show to the court and judge evidence of your illness or injury to prove beyond a doubt that you are telling the truth.

When you have an attorney working on your case, you can secure that proof and show the judge assigned to your case that you have a legitimate health condition. This condition can keep you from returning to active duty or working in a civilian capacity. It can also keep you from earning an income with which to support yourself and your family.

Filing Appeals

As in the civilian court, denials are common in the military disability court system. However, you have the right to file as many appeals as needed to win your case. Your lawyer can keep your case active until you win a favorable judgment.

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