Hot Tips for Hot Tub Enjoyment in Chesapeake

Everybody loves the peace and relaxation that comes from owning a hot tub in Chesapeake. From a late-night relaxation session, to taking a few minutes after a hard workout to relax the muscles in your body, people purchase Hot Tubs for many different reasons to produce a similar result – relaxation. But, with ownership comes some potential issues with maintenance that many hot tub owners are unaware they are responsible for maintaining a healthy and balanced Hot Tub.

Here are a few helpful hints to allow you to enjoy your hot tub in Chesapeake better.

Maintain the Water and Sanitation Balance

Simply putting water in a hot tub and warming up the water does not mean you’re ready to enjoy hot tubing safely. Maintaining an appropriate TA (Total Alkalinity) and pH balance is very important to ensure that your water is free of microorganisms which can be harmful to your body. When you first have your hot tub installed, the company doing the work (if you’ve hired a company to install it) should provide you with a set-up kit of chemicals needed to ensure you keep the TA and pH balance of the water in check.

One easy way you can check this yourself is by taking weekly TA and pH strip checks to check the balance and detect any bacterial growth. These strips are easy to use, easy to read and easy to understand how much of each chemical you need to add to maintain the proper water and sanitation balance. So, make sure to check your water levels each week, even when the hot tub is not in use, to ensure your water is safe.

Use only Approved Chemicals & Spa Supplies

As a golden rule, you should always use the same chemicals from beginning to end of each hot tub season. And it is always suggested that you use approved chemicals and companies which are recommended by your hot tub manufacture. There are reasons for this, but primarily, it’s your safety. Each hot tub is different; whether it is due to the depth, the materials it’s made out of or the water you are using, different chemical companies produce different levels of chemical strength. It’s imperative NOT to cross contaminate your hot tub water with different manufacture products because of this fact that not all chemicals are made the same way.

You should also make sure to store your approved chemicals in a dry, cool and ventilated area which is away from the hot tub itself, not in direct sunlight and is always out of a child’s reach.

Stay Away from Using Alcohol and Drugs

A medical fact is that hot water will amplify the effect that alcohol and certain drugs have on your body. So, enjoying an adult beverage while in the hot tub is not always the best course of action. Although many people associate Hot Tubs with a glass of champagne, a beer or cocktail, it’s never a good idea to mix alcohol and water; especially hot water.

A better course of action is to enjoy cold water, juice or mineral waters while relaxing in your hot tub. This will keep your body hydrated and not trigger negative side-effects associated with Alcohol and certain drugs. It’s also recommended that if you take prescription drugs, you consult with your doctor to see if hot water creates any side-effects.

The bottom line is that when you enjoy a hot tub in Chesapeake, make sure you follow these simple rules and your hot tub experience will be vastly improved.

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