How a Memorial Service in Milford, OH Creates Memories in Stone

A family death is always difficult, but traditions such as funerals and unique grave markers can help the healing begin. Families get a chance to express their feelings and preserve the legacies of the deceased. That is why many local citizens rely on a trusted Memorial Service in Milford, OH. Experts like Dodds Memorials create stone monuments that mirror the sentiments of families and become enduring symbols of those they lost. Sensitive professionals in the field consult with families, create custom designs that reflect their wishes, and then craft personalized memorials.

Representatives Offer Respectful Consultations

Clients turn to a Memorial Service in Milford, OH so they can get help choosing the right grave marker for their needs. Professionals are compassionate and sensitive because they are well aware that families are making important decisions at a very difficult time. With that in mind, specialists listen to clients’ ideas and then make suggestions. They work closely with local cemeteries and can advise families about restrictions regarding monument sizes or types.

Professionals Design Custom Memorials

Customers who are ordering memorials can choose from a range of styles, stone types, text, and ornamentation. They may opt for existing markers and have them personalized, although many prefer custom memorials. Families can select individual stones as well as options like companion markers, benches, or even family mausoleums. Designers take all of their wishes into consideration and then create a rendering that shows how the final result will appear. Once approved, artisans begin crafting the memorial.

Craftsmen Combine Old-World Skill and Technology

Today the creation of a custom memorial combines traditional stone masonry and digital art. Computer-generated artwork is typically used as a guide that craftsmen use when carving a memorial. The digital assistance allows artisans to add very precise details like text, numbers, and symbols. Experts often use high-pressure air hoses to trace designs from stencils to granite. Craftsmen fill in lettering with white or black litho, to make it stand out.

Memorial designers create custom grave markers in the shapes, sizes, colors, and styles families choose. The process begins with a consultation; then families approve the design. Finally, craftsmen blend technology and traditional skills to create elegant monuments that reflect clients’ wishes and feelings.

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