How Do Roofing Materials Stack up Against Spanish Fort, Al Winds?

Roofs are a house’s first defense against weather. It makes sense to have a residential roofing contractor in Spanish Fort use the best roofing materials for long-lasting protection. This is especially true of homeowners living on the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast. Today’s technology has given homeowners excellent choices in roofing materials. What are they, and how do they stack up against Gulf Coast hurricane winds?


This is the most commonly used roofing material. It’s not expensive and comes in many colors and styles. Although asphalt shingles have a life span of up to 20 years, they can be ripped off a house in 60 to 70 mph winds. Architectural grade shingles are your best bet because they can withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Slate and Tile

Slate and tile roofs are well suited to the salt spray of the Gulf Coast. They are a tad expensive, but their life span is up to 100 years. Both hold up well to hurricane winds of 100 mph or more. A residential roofing contractor in Spanish Fort will discover if the structure of the house can withstand the weight of a slate roof. They are heavy.

Wood Shakes

Also well regarded for holding up to salty Gulf Coast spray, cedar shake roofs are notable for their insect repellent nature and natural beauty. They aren’t very expensive and have a life span of 40 years. These roofs can stand up to 245 mph hurricane winds.


The charm of hearing the rain pattering on a metal roof is endearing to many. Metal roofs are the safest to have during a hurricane. They’re fireproof, insect-proof, and stand up well to salt spray. They come in sheets and shingles of many styles and colors with a life span of 50 years. They can withstand hurricane winds up to 160 mph. To learn which type roof is right for your home, please contact us at Armour Roof & Dek online today.

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