How Do You Get Bail Bonds In Morgantown WV?

Bail bonds in Morgantown WV are arranged once you have been arrested and bail has been set by a judge. Being arrested on suspicion of a felony such as murder, rape or theft will usually carry a stiffer penalty than a misdemeanor if found guilty and this alone is one of the factors that the judge uses when setting the amount of bail. Another criterion the judge uses is the pat criminal record of the accused.

When you find yourself in legal troubles you need to fully understand what it will take to get you released from jail, recuperate and get on with life. The amount of the bail bond often is what determines if you will spend a day or a week in jail.

The idea behind bail bonds in Morgantown WV is that it ensures the court that you will return for your trial or hearing after the initial arrest. Many courts have set prices for the various felonies that can and are committed. The bond amount should not be set so high that you can’t pay it, it’s actually unconstitutional to do so but judges will often break this tenet in a serious case such as murder. A judge does not take a felony lightly, it is a serious offense.

During the arraignment or the hearing for bail bonds in Morgantown WV, the amount is set. If you cannot post the amount in cash you can put up property as collateral or you can ask for the bail bond amount to be lowered. The key thing to be considered is what the affects would be by posting a bond and then not showing up in court for your hearing. Any property that was used for collateral will be forfeited; this property can be in the form of real estate, vehicles, jewelry or any other item of considerable value.

There are consequences when posting bond using your money or property, these consequences affects your finances as well as your life. When bail bonds in Morgantown WV have been posted and you show up in court on the appointed day, most of the money that was posted is returned. Most is not all; a certain percentage is retained for administrative expenses that were incurred by the court. If you skip out, whatever was used to post bond will be lost, do not skip, it is not worth losing your home or other valuables used as security.

There are circumstances where the judge may release you on your own recognizance and bail bonds in Morgantown WV will not be required. Normally if it’s a first offense, if you’re employed or have children that require care the judge may excuse the bail bond.

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