How Does Melanoma Excision Help


Melanoma is a tumor which develops in the melanocytes. Melanocytes are your skin cells where this tumor occurs. These tumors are cancerous in nature. This is a very serious ailment and can spread to various other parts of your body as well. These mainly occur in a mole. But they can even start in a normal looking skin. People who are excessively fair and those who are very sensitive to the sun must be extra careful. This because the chances of malignant melanoma taking place in such people is high. However, there are treatments available as well. There are about four stages of this illness. Every stage will require specific treatment and different set of diagnoses. Therefore, you must consult your doctor to analyze your problem and suggest the correct remedies. Melanoma excision is one of the many kinds of treatment available. Below are certain points on melanoma excision process which your doctor will help you with:

  • Surgical excision is a good option to treat this ailment. You must consult your dermatologist or oncologist to understand which treatment will suit you best. Melanoma excision is a process in which the melanoma is removed along with the skin surrounding the affected area. The depth of the melanoma determines the area of skin which your doctor will have to remove. It also includes removal of fat tissues of the area to some extent.
  • This can be followed with a process called skin grafting. Skin grafting is required for the larger excisions. Here you doctor will remove healthy skin from an unaffected part of your body. Thereafter, it will be grafted to the affected part. This will ensure that the wound is closed appropriately. Minor incisions will not require any such process. They can heal up without any further surgery.
  • You doctor will suggest and advise you about the various dos and don’t to recover fast after the surgery. Your recovery will also depend on how well the melanoma excision has been performed. The techniques and tools which have been used will also be a deciding factor of the time you will take to heal up.
  • Melanoma excision is opted mainly for stage one and two cancer. Here the melanoma is still thin and has not affected the skin till deep. So, it can be cured by just removing it accurately. At stage three, removal of the lymph nodes of the affected region as well is required.  

Therefore, if you think you want to go for a melanoma excision, consult your doctor. Make sure you select a well qualified and experienced doctor.

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