How Mental Health Services Help Teens Near St. Paul, Minnesota

While the transition between childhood and adulthood has unique challenges, mental illness, addiction, and brain injuries add to these difficulties. Families offer the necessary support for a loved one struggling with adversity, but sometimes, professional help is critical. Continue reading to learn more about adolescent therapy near St Paul, MN, and how it can help your loved one and your family.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy involves identifying and correcting negative thoughts, risky behaviors, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Whether you suffer from mental illness or addiction, the principles you learn during therapy could change your life and make vast improvements.

Identifying unwanted behavior patterns is the first step to vital changes. Adolescents discover better coping mechanisms for trauma and underlying causes for addiction and mental illness. Understanding behaviors originating from mental illness helps teens change these patterns and find the motivation to improve their lives. With adolescent therapy near St Paul, MN, positive changes take work but are achievable.

Family Therapy and Counseling

A family support system is critical for healing from a brain injury, coping with mental illness, or recovering from addiction. Family therapy enables loved ones to work together to achieve the same goal, and you can support your teen during their recovery. Participating in adolescent therapy near St Paul, MN, reshapes lives and lets you give your teen or young adult the support system they need.

Options Family & Behavior Services offer rehabilitation services for mental illnesses, substance abuse, and brain injuries, and their programs focus on the individual and aiding families. In addition, adolescent care programs help teens get the necessary therapy and treatment. Contact them to find out more about these helpful programs.

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