How to Avoid Emergency AC Repair When Summer Temperatures Arrive

Summer heat can make living in one’s home very uncomfortable if the air conditioning goes out. Fortunately, with a little know-how and preparation, it’s possible to avoid emergency AC repair in Creve Coeur. Check out these helpful tips for keeping the home cool and comfortable all summer.

Schedule Spring Maintenance

The best way to prepare for soaring summer temperatures is to be proactive. Spring maintenance services performed by HVAC technicians ensure one’s AC unit is ready to perform its best when the heat is on. Professional maintenance services include lubricating parts, checking for damage, and allow homeowners to make small repairs, if necessary, that could affect performance.

Schedule Repairs

Often, emergency AC repair isn’t the result of a catastrophic event that pops up overnight. Instead, more serious problems build over time and are often ignored by homeowners. If the air conditioner had problems last season, it’s not going to suddenly work better this season. Making last year’s repairs before using the air conditioner this year reduces the risk of the AC going out and leaving one’s home a hotbox.

Pay Attention for Potential Problems

Some air conditioning problems are obvious, but others are sneaky and not always easily identified. Some signs that one’s air conditioner might be damaged include the following:

  • Higher than average electric bills
  • Uneven cooling throughout the house
  • AC unit short cycles, turns on and off more than usual
  • The AC’s circuit breaker trips frequently

Households experiencing any of these problems should call for service right away. For AC repair in Creve Coeur, contact the team at Classic Aire Care and schedule a service call online at Sitename.

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