How to Choose a Humidor

There are so many wholesale cigars Online that as a cigar lover you might be tempted to buy in bulk. You will want to be certain you have enough storage for your cigars using the best humidors to keep them fresh and to avoid drying and mould. Here are a few tips to help you select your humidors:

  • Size: You will have to consider the quantities of cigars you wish to store when purchasing your humidors. Bigger is better when it comes to humidors unless you are buying a travel size for your daily store. If you are going all out and buying a large amount of wholesale cigars online you might consider renting storage space at a proper facility.
  • Lids: The way your lid fits on the humidor is important as too tight a fit can lead to mould and too loose can allow bugs to enter as well as can allow cigars to dry. You do want a tight seal, but it is important for air to circulate between your cigars for optimum storage. Air tight containers cause mould whereas too much air will cause drying. The lid should feel a little reluctant to open but then open smoothly when pulled. A heavier lid will stay sealed well, but can also affect the balance. Be certain when you open your humidor it doesn’t fall back, or worse fall too easily closed when you want it to be open.
  • Look and style: If you don’t care too much about the style you still want to give your humidor a once over for obvious signs of poor workmanship. Look for clues such as imperfect seams, damage to the finish and cracking. Warping is a definite sign the humidor is not properly made.
  • Cedar: Keep in mind that the aroma of wood can be contracted through the cigars much like a wine or scotch can absorb the flavour from the kegs in which they are aged. With this in mind consider cedar such as Spanish cedar to avoid too much transference of aromas.
  • Humidity: Each humidor will have a way of adding humidity. Some have a sponge, others a small bottle. Consider the humidification and make sure you are comfortable with how it works.

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