How to Communicate With Your Ex When You Go Through a Divorce in Woodstock

Tensions are likely high when you and your spouse enter the separation and divorce process. You want to remain as professional as possible, especially in a legal setting, but it can be difficult to communicate with your ex. Here are some tips on how to talk to your ex when you go through a divorce in Woodstock.

Stick to the Topic

It can be easy to veer off-topic with your ex, as you have a lot of history together. Despite where your mind goes during certain legal conversations, do your best to stick to the topic at hand. When you allow yourself to digress onto personal topics, it can lead to heightened emotions and arguments. When you get into an argument, it can make you look bad in front of the court.

Keep Conversations Civil

No matter how angry or frustrated you get, you want to keep conversations at a reasonable volume and keep all language civil. If you become aggressive toward your ex during the divorce proceedings, it can come back to bite you during negotiations. This applies to communications outside of court, too. Anything you say over text or social media can be used against you. Woodstock divorce attorneys can handle communications for you if you can’t talk to your ex at all.

Minimize Contact

You and your ex have already decided to move forward with the divorce. It’s best to move to your own space and live separate lives with minimal contact. If you entwine your lives too much, it can make it harder for you to move on.

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