How to Do Window Glass Repair Atlanta

Broken windowpanes not only allow the elements of the weather into your home, they are also a safety hazard. The upshot is that broken glass is relatively easy to fix. All you have to do is buy replacement glass measured to fit your windowpane at a hardware store or lumberyard. Then follow the steps below to do the window glass repair Atlanta:

* Step one: The frame must be measured for the glass. It should not be exact but leave some leeway for expansion and contraction due to weather conditions and also for error in the frame or glass itself. Measure all ways on the openings including the inside edges and remove a fraction of an inch each side. Cut double-strength glass to fit these dimensions. Buy glaziers’ points or clips which will be installed every 6 or so inches on the window pane for best results on your window glass repair.

* Step two: Roll a cord of glazier’s compound and press it hard into the glass frame joint to seal the new window pane all around the outside edge. This should be done all around the window pane. Use the knife for the putty to smooth the compound along the joint of the pane and match it to other nearby windows. Hold the knife at the angle of the lip to the frame so that it can cut the compound off cleanly and sharply. If the knife attaches itself to the compound then dip it in olive oil taking care to shake off the excess oil. Make sure that your gestures in making the joints on the pane even are smooth and long. For best results in your window glass repair always remember the windows that have metal frames usually have clips which keep the glass together.

* Step three: Using either a razor blade or a glass scraper remove the excess glazier compound from all sides of the new glass and frames. Let it dry for three or more days.

* Step four: The final step in your window glass repair Atlanta is the painting of the new compound and its frames so that it matches with the rest of the frame. Overlap the paint a little on the compound edge and on the glass to seal the pane entirely. The paint has to be dry before the glass is cleaned.

* Even if you are not doing window glass repair, these general tips will help you in the repair of other window types. First, if you want to avoid a crack in the windowpane spreading further then score a small arc with a special cutter just after the crack and make a curve around it. The crack will then only travel as far as the arc goes.

* When you want to chisel away putty that has become hard from a wooden frame you should apply potent linseed oil over the hardened material. You then allow it to soak so as to make sure the putty becomes softer.

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