How to Ensure Best Collision Repair of your Car

Repairing a car to its original condition after a collision or serious accident is a complex and time consuming process that should be done with the help of experts. For the vehicle to handle as well as before, the critical and key element is proper welding. If you are looking for a good auto body repair shop to reconstruct your damaged vehicle look for chisum frame machine and top of the line “pro spot” resistance spot welding system to get the body of the vehicle back in optimal condition. Paintwork is an essential element to the restoration of your car. For major collision repair and conditioning when the paintwork is past the point of restoration, the paintwork would require the process of paint removal (stripping) down to the stable substrate. On reaching that level the technicians would start repainting your vehicle to achieve the best results. Auto paint is a complex combination of resin, pigment, metallic flakes and mica flakes. It comes in 10,000 different colors, shades and effects. The paint suspension that is applied to cars has greater sheen, shine and depth. Auto paint is more weather resistant and has the ability to resist fading from exposure to the sun’s UV light. The metallic flakes and mica flakes that are suspended in the auto paint enhance the shimmering or highlight effect for imparting your car with its glossy finish. The resin that binds the components together protects the body and makes it more durable.

When you go for body repair after collision, look for ASE certification. ASE is a professional certification group established in 1972 that recognizes an auto body work shop for its competence and allows customers to distinguish among auto body shops to make the right choice for the repair of their vehicle. ASE is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to ensure that vehicle repair is done by competent technicians who have undergone certification tests for repair and service.  ASE certification requires that the technician appear for a number of examinations and have two years of relevant, hands on experience to qualify and be eligible for exhibiting the ASE shoulder insignia or wallet ID. Another certification that might be desirable for high quality repairs is I-CAR certification. I-CAR is an international non-profit training organization formed in 1979 that aims to impart a high level of training to automobile mechanics and technicians in order to provide consumers with top quality collision repair. Certification ensures that your auto technician is updated with the most modern techniques in auto collision repair. Torrance, CA car owners can ask for I-CAR and ASE certification for better quality repairs at their work shop.

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