How to Get Compensation for Construction Injuries

by | Aug 16, 2011 | legal

If you work in the construction industry, the chances of you getting an injury on the job are high. In case you have a serious injury, an attorney who specializes in construction injuries will help you to get compensation. Medical bills can be high, so it is important that you engage a professional to fight your case. Otherwise, you may be under compensated by an insurance company.

You can look online for a lawyer who has experience in cases which involve construction related injuries. You can also ask your colleagues who may have been in a similar position for recommendations. Make a list of a few attorneys and compare their fees.

An attorney who asks for fees only if you receive compensation after your case is tried is a good option. He or she is likely to be more committed to ensuring your case has a speedy outcome.  Schedule an online consultation or speak to a member of the law firm on the phone.

Prepare a list of questions you have for the attorney before you make the call. This will ensure that you clear our doubts in the first interaction. The attorney will find an expert who will testify on your behalf and collect the medical documentation required.

You may not have the resources to investigate the issue on your own. Look for an attorney who has experience in dealing with cases which are of a similar nature to yours. He or she will find out whether your workplace took the necessary precautions to avoid the accident.

Check whether your lawyer is licensed to practice in your state. He or she should be qualified, experienced, and capable. Find out about the other cases the firm is handling so that you have an idea of the time and effort they will be able to spend for your case.

Visit the lawyer’s office to meet him or her in person. You should feel confident that your attorney will be able to fight your case in an assertive manner. Schedule an appointment well in advance so that you get to meet the person you want to when you wish.

Choose a reputed lawyer who specializes in construction injuries. Chicago residents should look for one in the area, so that it is easy to visit. Find out the terms and conditions before you hire him or her. Discuss the fee so that you are mentally prepared. Check whether the lawyer can help you  postpone paying your medical bills until the case is resolved.

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