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In the legal system of Georgia, traffic offenses are generally treated as misdemeanors and not down-graded offences as they are in other state court systems.  An experienced McDonough Attorney who is familiar with the latest traffic laws can tell you that in most cases, the maximum punishment for traffic violations are $1000 and or up to one year in prison.  What many people do not realize is that if they decide to go to court on a traffic violation, especially one that is not a minor incident, they could wind up losing if they don’t have a properly trained and experienced McDonough Attorney who is familiar with all the latest legal codes for the State of Georgia.  In fact, if they try to defend themselves, they might just get “run-over” by the traffic court and wind up paying unnecessary fines, increasing their insurance premiums and have their driver’s license possibly suspended or revoked.

Most legal systems in Georgia are overcrowded with prosecutors who must be in court every day and handle thousands of cases each year.  Unfortunately most of those cases could be settled without ever having to go to court. What McDonough Attorney legal counsel firms who are familiar with the workings of traffic court in the State of Georgia will tell you is that almost half of the cases that are brought against a violator could be handled with by simply paying a fine, but there are traffic violations that should appear before a judge and if the violator isn’t’ familiar with the law, then they could wind up being punished more than they should be.  Many defendants try to represent themselves and if they do get a chance to talk to the prosecutor about a more serious traffic offense, sometimes they are offered a “deal” to avoid taking the case to court in order to save time and money. However,  traffic offenders who do not have the representation of a good McDonough Attorney who is experienced in traffic law, then the defendant is seen as unrepresented and the deal from the prosecutor may not be the best thing to settle for. Prosecutors know that a McDonough Attorney who is experienced in state traffic laws will tie them up in hours of court hearings, so they try to push the violator into settling for a fine or lighter punishment.

What most traffic offenders don’t know is that if they have a McDonough Attorney who is an expert in traffic law to represent them in or out of court, and they are a first time offender, sometimes they may just receive a warning if the offense is fairly minor. Just for that reason, if you’ve been charged with a traffic violation in the State of Georgia, you should not attempt to represent yourself in court. You should seriously consider retaining the services of an experienced McDonough Attorney who can negotiate the traffic court laws in a manner that can save you time, money and quite possibly your driver’s license.


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