Important FAQs on Breast Capsulectomy You Must Know

What is breast capsulectomy?

Breast capsulectomy is a kind of surgical method performed to remove or release the capsule around breast implant. After the breast implant surgery is performed capsules with higher thickness or the ones having muscle cells can contract misshaping the breasts, can cause severe pain, and many other serious health issues as well.

How does it work?

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from such serious problems, then you need to consider doing a breast capsulectomy right away. The aim of this surgical procedure is to allow your body to form a more suitable capsule by doing another breast implant whose effects are going to last longer than the present one. However, the method of inserting and positioning the new implant mostly depends on three simple things – the way you want to get it done, your surgeon’s decisions, and your anatomy. It is the safest solution to prevent numerous potential health problems from occurring without causing any side effects.

What is the recovery period?

Generally, you may feel a little tired for a few days and may have slight bruising and swelling as well. Don’t get scared if you see these in your body because they are completely natural. Such discomforts can easily be relieved by following proper medication. You will have a slight dressing that will get normal with time and your surgeon will ask you for regular visits to inspect the cut or wound and clean it properly. Generally, the recovery time depends on the physical condition of the patient. However, you will be able to get back to your normal lifestyle just after couple of days. You must not perform any hard or strenuous work.

What are the other benefits of undergoing breast capsulectomy?

You must not expect to look like a Hollywood star. You can expect great results but be realistic as well. 97 percent of patients undergoing this surgery are happy with the results they get. It will improve your looks by a great extent and will boost your confidence level. The main purpose of this treatment is to help you get a natural body complimenting your figure while making you   look attractive.

However, keep in mind that performing such surgeries is not an easy task. The market is filled with plenty of incompetent surgeons claiming to provide guaranteed results at ridiculously cheap prices. Try not to fall in such traps. It is a must to verify the efficiency, reliability, and qualification of the surgeon going to perform your breast capsulectomy.


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