Insuring Your Motorcycle in Chicago Is an Absolute Must, and Here’s Why

Motorcycles are not a cheap transportation option. In most cases, they cost as much as a car, but they can cost significantly more. Depending on the make and model, you may spend more on your motorcycle and less on your car! All the same, you should ensure your motorcycle for as much if not more than your car. Motorcycle insurance from Chicago insurance agencies suggest insuring your bike for tens of thousands above what it cost you and here’s why.

Motorcycles Are Involved in More Accidents Than Cars

Statistically speaking, motorcyclists are involved in 27 times more accidents than owners and drivers of passenger cars. That’s a lot of accidents and a lot more injuries and fatalities every year. Worse still, a motorcycle usually doesn’t come away from the scene of an accident in just a few pieces and a busted headlight. They come away totaled, crunched, and often not repairable.

More Insurance on a Motorcycle Means a Greater Ability to Pay Medical Bills and Replace Your Bike

When you think you are “over-insured” where your motorcycle is concerned, you might be surprised. A bike you own outright that is totaled but totally insured receives about half to two-thirds of its total pre-accident value, depending on your policy. Medical bills are astronomical because there was nothing to protect you when you were thrown from the bike. The Insurance covers most, if not all, of these expenses if you are fully insured.

If you are ready to buy motorcycle insurance in Chicago, contact Accurate Auto Insurance today.

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