Intimate Light Combined with Pragmatic Needs: Rechargeable tea lights

There’s an advantage to an ill lit restaurant. It makes everything seem cozier and more private. It can also help with the food. Certain dishes won’t be very pretty, a good Irish stew for example is basically a brown bowl with chunks in it, it smells great, tastes great, but doesn’t have a great appearance. However dim lighting can have serious disadvantages. One of which is that it’s quite hard for your patrons to read the menu, a rather important task at a restaurant. This desire to have it both ways: low private lighting, and the ability to read, shows why rechargeable tea lights can be a great thing.

People may want to hold the menu to the light to read better. If it’s an actual candle the glass it’s in can be hot enough to burn and holding it close to a laminated or paper menu can be a bit of a fire hazard. There is of course the option of tweaking the lighting to be at the perfect level, but unfortunately that is nearly impossible. For the young the restaurant can be bright enough to read with rather dim light, but as people age they need more light to be able to see. This means finding the right balance can be very hard, and your lighting options might be limited, due to your electrical situation or the space and shape of the restaurant. That’s why rechargeable tea lights or electronic candles are so preferable.

In a restaurant it’s all about marrying practical concerns to aesthetics. After all, food is at its best when all of your five primary senses are involved. Having the right environment is a great thing, however, keeping the light too low and providing no means for older patrons to read the menu isn’t much of practical move. Adding light at each table in the form of rechargeable tea lights lets each table feel more cozy and separated, and bright enough to see

Whether or not you expect the patrons to pull the lights to their menu to read there are advantages to a rechargeable tea light, as compared to the conventional kind. The biggest advantages are safety related. You don’t have to worry about a fall starting a fire, or a kid grabbing the glass and howling in pain. Nor do you have to worry about a bored teenager tossing flecks of paper into the candle to pass the time. There’s also the issue of clean up, you won’t have any smoke staining the glass, nor will you have to clean wax out of things.

Whether you want your place a dimly lit intimate restaurant, or something bright and modern, having the appearance of a tea light without needing to worry about hot wax and open flame is a great idea. If you’re interested in rechargeable tea lights, Restaurant Lighting should be your first search, they can be found online at.

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