Introducing Your New Kitten after a Visit to Your Veterinarian in Temecula

Introducing a new kitten to your family after a visit to your veterinarian in Temecula is exciting for your human family! And with proper steps, it can be accomplished with minimal stress to the animal members of your family.

A new kitten should be kept away from your other pets until it has been examined by your veterinarian in Temecula. New kittens coming from a group situation can carry feline immunodeficiency virus, which is extremely contagious and invariably fatal; they can also carry other infections. On the nuisance end, they can have parasites, such as fleas, that would be inconvenient to pass on to other pets. Provide a room, or a portion of a room screened off, where you can keep the kitten alone with a litter box, food, water, and bedding. Visit your kitten when it seems to need company, but if it seems to wish to be alone, let it be.

After your kitten has been deemed ready for animal company by your veterinarian Temecula, it is still a good idea to keep it relatively sequestered while it gets used to the smells of the other animals and vice versa. Consider rubbing a towel on each of the other pets in the household and leave the towel(s) in the room with the kitten so it can get used to the smells; conversely, rub a towel on the kitten and leave it where the other animals can smell it, so they get used to its smell. Then you can bring the kitten out in a carrier so the other animals can smell it without its being completely vulnerable to them. After that, you can let the kitten out among the other animals.

Don’t be dismayed if there are signs of competition among the other pets and your new kitten—the household veterans might not be thrilled to see a newcomer. However, if you give each animal individual attention, and let the animals get used to each other at their own speed, they are likely to happily coexist, if not become fast friends.

The first days of a kitten being in your home, especially if the kitten is very young, constitute an excellent time for getting it used to being handled. For short periods, you can practice holding your kitten, talking to it quietly. You can spend a few moments rubbing your hand over its teeth and gently palpating its abdomen; you can also spend time handling its paws. By getting your kitten used to being handled, you’ll train it to behave cooperatively for such events as tooth cleaning and nail trimming. This can make your life easier (and save you a bit of money!) and keep your kitten healthier throughout its life, which might translate into fewer visits to your veterinarian in Temecula.

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