Is Going to Court Necessary when Filing for Bankruptcy?

When you are deep in debt and constantly being harassed by bill collectors through the mail and on the phone, the emotional and psychological burden can be enormous.  Not only do you have to deal with creditors who often threaten and intimidate in an effort to force you to make payments on debts even when you have no money, but just figuring out how to get by and pay next week’s bills adds extra stress and tension.  When one feels harassed and burdened the thought of having to go to a courthouse and stand before a judge in order to file bankruptcy may just induce further worry and dread.  But when you have Henderson bankruptcy lawyers advocating for you, it really is a step out of the gloom.

Having bankruptcy lawyers help handle your case is really a key advantage to having everything processed smoothly and without adding additional reasons to stress out or worry.  An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Henderson will get all of your papers organized professionally, identify and assist you in claiming property that is exempt from liquidation, as well as handle all of your creditors with regard to both secure and unsecured debts.  They will also go to court with you whenever the need arises and stand up for you on your behalf in addressing the court trustee or in managing the requests and claims of various creditors who may also file claims in regard to your case with the court.

Most likely, you will only have one day in court, and that is for the initial creditor’s meeting, which occurs about one month after the date you file.  Being present for the creditor’s meeting is absolutely essential.  Bankruptcy lawyers in Henderson can make it a very smooth and easy process.  Many of the questions that are asked during a creditor’s meeting will revolve around the basic facts of your situation and whether or not you told the truth when you initially filed.  It is a way for the court to verify the basic information you have already supplied, as well as to clarify any questions that may come up in reference to your filing.  Usually, your own attorney will be the person who is asking you most of the questions; so it isn’t in any way something to be construed as being in the “hot seat.”  More often than not, creditors will not show up for the creditor’s meeting, but when they do, bankruptcy attorneys in Henderson can advocate for you in that situation so that you do not have to deal with them directly at any time.

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