Is Solar Power A Probable Move Over Fossil Fuels?

Today the earth is under a threat! No, it’s not an alien invasion but something of a more serious nature. Its global warming! While environmentalists are busy finding ways to offer a better solution to this problem, another emergency seems distinct in the near future. It is the ‘global energy crisis’. To put it simply, our world runs mostly on power produced by combustion of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, the non-renewable energy sources. There are huge deposits of both coal and petroleum deep inside the earth’s core. But even these reserves would turn empty after a certain point of time! And the bad news is we might face such a situation within our lifetime! To fight this imminent energy crisis, nations across the world are opting for better and more sustainable alternatives. Solar power is undoubtedly the foremost name in everyone’s mind! Why? Well, it has several plus points over the conventional sources that make it stand out as the best alternative to fossil fuels.

Solar power is an inexhaustible source of energy. The sun being the ultimate energy source for life on earth, no sooner are we going to see its power running out of stock! Unlike fossil fuels which have a limited reserve, solar power is unlimited, provided it is harnessed properly utilizing the best equipments and technology.

Beside other non-conventional sources like wind energy, geothermal energy, and bio fuels, the future of solar looks bright. The main reason being an increased interest among major economies to adopt an eco-friendly set up. While conventional power sources are considered as the chief cause for global warming and  environmental pollution, solar power is ‘clean’ and hence’ safe’ for humans.

In recent years, solar powered systems have evolved considerably. The photovoltaic cells that make up the solar arrays have changed in shape and size. However, its effectiveness has increased considerably. Now, solar cells are being increasingly used in residential power generation units as well as in commercial set up. Even satellites are powered by solar arrays fixed on its surface! More and more research on harnessing solar energy is underway.

Another reason for wide acceptance of solar over fossil fuels, in the recent years, is its cost-efficiency. There are rebates offered by some states as well, encouraging house owners to replace their former power connection with solar units. Even industrialists are granted tax exemptions for reducing their power grid consumption and shifting to solar.

With such benefits in store, house and business owners are upgrading to solar power. Lancaster, PA residents while searching for the best installers should get in touch with Sol-Terra Solar Powered Systems. With their ‘35 years of combined experience in construction sector’ you need not search for a better option!

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