Is There a Natural Asthma Treatment to Alleviate Symptoms?

Living with asthma can be incredibly difficult and potentially dangerous if the condition is not taken seriously. For most people who suffer from it, asthma seems to be characterized by the lack of an ability to get enough air into their body. The use of medication is essential in controlling symptoms and preventing suffocation or death.

Some holistic health practitioners recommend learning new breathing methods as a natural asthma treatment to alleviate symptoms. For many of the people who try this, many of their symptoms gradually disappear. This is usually credited to the idea that taking in the right amount of air is conducive to optimal health.

The difference between conventional and alternative methods in this regard has to do with the objective. In traditional Western medicine, the focus is on the symptom. Ways to deal with and eradicate the symptom on its own terms are sought without recourse to understanding how other facets of a person’s whole being may contribute to the existence of conditions and symptoms, as well as to their alleviation or elimination.

In this line of thought, therefore, a doctor or other practitioner who teaches breathing methods as a natural asthma treatment will likewise not merely be concerned about breath, but will also likely advocate for the patient to continue any traditional regimen that is useful in controlling symptoms. Therefore, one may still carry an inhaler, but will also make other changes that could prove over time to make the inhaler unnecessary.

A natural asthma treatment will likely also be conducted in the context of lifestyle changes and a whole health focus that seeks the optimal health and vitality of the patient. In most cases, this will mean making concentrated efforts to overcome bad habits and addictions such as smoking or drinking excessively, losing weight or sometimes gaining weight, eating healthy organic foods and taking herbal supplements and vitamins, and exercising or being physically active on a regular basis.

A natural asthma treatment in this whole health context will then begin to teach the sufferer methods of regulating breath that allow the body’s cells to use oxygen more efficiently. This is conducive to the goal of optimal health and not merely a tool used in order to relieve symptoms; however, the result is often a gradual but dramatic alleviation of asthma symptoms.

Many people feel that the symptoms of asthma can be viewed as a way the body has of letting us know it is getting too much air, which makes it harder for tissue cells to use the oxygen it has. Once optimal health is sought through learning how to breathe less, the body adjusts and symptoms begin to disappear.

When you improve breathing, you improve your total health. The Breathing Center website offers a free breathing test online and a free Breathing & Health Evaluation report with our recommendations. The test will help you determine whether you hyperventilate or not, and if so to what degree, and how that may be affecting the quality of your sleep, as well as recommendations for improvement, such as natural asthma treatment.

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