It’s Still Possible to Pull-Off a Corporate Catering Event This Year

Although the pandemic is still present, people everywhere are struggling to find a sense of normalcy in their lives. Some have been able to work from home, and this has its own challenges. Co-workers used to work with others in person now must go it alone or settle for online zoom meetings that are just not the same. If your company normally has some sort of corporate celebration or other occasions during the holiday season, it’s still possible to pull off a fun and rewarding corporate catering event in RTP this year.

Plan for More Space With Social Distancing Rules & Cater the Food

Many corporations large and small are considering how to plan for an upcoming expected corporate catering event that doesn’t break those important safety rules and guidelines. Having food catered is an excellent solution. The food can be boxed in separate, non-contact delivery boxes that are made ahead of time and transported piping hot at the proper time. Best of all, this solution to meal planning is also incredibly affordable.

Why More Business in the RTP Area Rely On One Premier Catering Service

More businesses trust a local and popular catering service that has been serving up terrific meals and celebratory food for over ten years. The menu selections are truly divine, and companies can create a customized meal plan too. Your employees deserve the best in these trying times. Contact Catering by Design.

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