Keep Your Luxury Vehicle Running Smoothly WIth Mercedes Service in Chicago

Once you have made a major investment in a luxury foreign automobile you want to take care of it. You can’t just take the car to any old mechanic, but sometimes the dealer repair fees are just too expensive. Luckily their are still some auto repair shops that treat your luxury vehicle like it was their own. For example, Spotlight Automotive provides a variety of services for their customers along with the familiar mechanical repairs. Some of these services include cosmetic reconditioning of your vehicle, paint free and painless dent repairs, reliable refinishing of your alloy wheels along with wet sanding and buffing for scratch removal. Other services include cosmetic bumper repairs and complete detail servicing.

Mechanical failures come in all types, but luxury cars often require specialized help of a Mercedes service in Chicago. Not only does this apply to the parts that must be used, it also applies to the knowledge the technicians must have to make the repairs. Luxury cars like the Mercedes are designed for performance which often requires a lot of specialty equipment to ensure all parts are operating properly. These high performance parts can be installed in the ignition system, the fuel delivery system and even the transmission.

Like any car, the best option for your Mercedes is quality Mercedes service in Chicago. Routine vehicle service after the warranty is expired is crucial to keep your vehicle running smoothly and performing properly. Plus, regular maintenance can help you avoid many costly repairs to your favorite ride. For example, keeping the coolant changed regularly not only helps to keep the vehicle operating at the proper temperature, it also keeps the coolant supply properly lubricated so the pump doesn’t wear out too soon.

The same applies to the engine and transmission. Fresh clean oil will reduce the wear on the engine allowing your car to run much longer and more efficiently. With automatic transmissions you should have the fluid changed, on average, every other year. By flushing out the old fluid you keep the gears and clutches inside the transmission clean which provides longer transmission life and better performance. Another area where expert technical skills are required are the braking systems. Improperly installed brakes could cost you more in replacement and repairs than a quality brake installation would have.

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