Laws that Reach Inside the Home

There’s an old assumption that law only applied to what happened in public. That if you hit someone on the streets of Reno, NV it would be illegal, but doing it within a home it wouldn’t be. And it’s true that certain things within the home are legal that aren’t in public. A classic example would be drunk and disorderly conduct. You can be stone blind drunk in your own house and unless you cause a nuisance for people outside the police won’t care. However, some laws do extend into the home and have for a long time. A classic example would be violence, where violence in public is one crime, but domestic violence is another. They’re treated as different crimes because the lead up and causes are often different between types of violence. Random public violence tends to have a lot less back story to it, and is honestly less destructive.

Domestic violence can destroy someone’s feeling of safety in their home. Domestic violence can destroy trust. Domestic violence can psychologically damage someone in profound ways. Violence in public is by no means an acceptable thing, but it’s easy to understand how the crimes get treated differently. The perpetrators get treated differently as well, but due to confusing cultural issues it often is case by case in terms of how we view domestic violence vs. public violence. One problem with domestic violence is that the police can be very spotty with enforcing the laws. People have been arrested when no crime was committed, and often the real abusers go unpunished. For honest people who get arrested for domestic violence because they had a loud argument and acted like a jerk to the cops having that on their record can be devastating.

Thankfully our legal system at least believes in the premise of innocent until proven guilty. This means that as far as the courts are concerned the state has to prove your guilt, and you don’t have to prove your innocence. You might have to rebut certain things but that’s not the same as having to positively prove your innocence. However an arrest can ruin your reputation, even in a bigger city like Reno, NV word spreads quickly, and no one wants to be known as a person who committed domestic violence. If possible avoid the situations that might get you arrested for domestic violence, which includes trying to limit screaming matches or loud arguments that might get the police called in. If you’ve done something wrong you’re not forbidden from seeking legal defense, just remember that it’s not an injustice to be punished for it.


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