Looking for a Bible-Living Church?

There are multitudes of churches in Dallas to choose from if you are in the market for a new place to worship. One of the best criteria to use, however, is not only if a church believes in the Bible as the word of God, inspired by God in its original writing and speaking authoritatively to all that of which it addresses, but it is also important to seek a church where the believers of the Bible are followers of the Word. The Word, of course, is the Logos described in the first chapter of the Gospel of John, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are seeking among churches in Dallas for one where you want to really get to know God, serve Him, and live according to the Gospels, it is therefore vitally important that you find a group where the Bible-believers are also Jesus seekers. A focus on the Bible that neglects the centrality of Christ is more or less useless.

In recent years, organic churches have begun to spring up in various forms as groups of people basically threw in the towel on more formal, overly-structured religion, and decided to simplify things and seek the life of Jesus Christ together, live that life, and then share it with others in the community. There is a sense in which such believers are explicitly seeking to put into action the idea made explicit by the Apostle Paul when he speaks of living apostles, people who are known to be Christians not by letter, or by the things that they say, but by the way that they live, by the testimony of their lives.

For a real experience of that kind of Christianity, there are organic missional churches in Dallas and the outlying area that can meet your needs, and give you the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal. Some are more established than others, but none are necessarily driven to compete and out-proselytize their neighbor. If you are just now looking into a church for the first time in your life, there are several you can visit that may offer services and nurturance for everyone in the family. They have many study groups, outreach ministries, men’s and women’s groups, counseling, children and youth groups, and dozens of other vehicles to engage everyone in the community in service. For many people, it is very satisfying not only to have help getting their needs met, but to have the opportunity to serve others within the context of the organic, living body of Christ as well.

If you are seeking Churches in Dallas, Christ Fellowship in Prosper and in McKinney is an organic home church that has several ministries and services to meet the needs of everyone in your family. We meet Sundays at 10 am at the Reynolds Middle School Cafeteria, 700 North Coleman Street in Prosper (972.850.6801 | preston@christfellowshiphome.com) or at 2801 Orchid Drive, McKinney, TX (972-547-7000 | mmaib@christfellowshiphome.com)

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