Looking for the Right SSDI Attorney – What You Should Keep in Mind

The human body is a machine and it might collapse any moment due to a variety of reasons. And you are no exception.

God forbid, if you fall ill suddenly or get injured in some accident and the illness or the after-effects of the injury persist for a long term, then that might even severely affect your capability to continue working.

When such a situation arises, you would definitely be submitting an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which is probably the only way to financially support your family. But, while this might initially seem sufficient, there is no surety that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will sanction your claim thereby make these benefits available to you. Almost 40% of applicants who are applying for the first time are denied. This could make you wait for long as the case shapes up.

When in such a situation, you invariably require professional advice and assistance. Take a look at the 5 reasons why you should seek professional help:

1. Precision: The SSDI application is your first chance to explicate the details of your recent status to the SSA, and the slightest mistake or misstatement could retard the sanctioning process or lead to dismissal. The application document has several parts, and even for people in good health, filling out a long application can be nerve-racking. If you have a good attorney to re-check all the necessary documents and elucidate information, surely it will help you to submit an application which is quite accurate.

2. Background: Administrative Law Judges are not doctors and they depend basically on a preplanned list of disabilities. An SSDI attorney is well-acquainted with how the Social Security Administration classifies disabilities and the criteria you are supposed to meet. The attorney will scrutinize your medical status to see what is applicable in your application, ensuring that your case is strong enough.

3. Anticipation: An SSDI attorney prepares you for some tight questioning. You must not think that meeting one-to-one is enough to describe how serious your problem is, for the Judge will look to hear from how your medical condition is unsuitable for your work environment. You will be accustomed with such questions a Judge may ask you so that you can distinctly and comprehensively explain your situation.

4. Assistance: A disability that is agonizing, constantly makes it difficult to focus on getting the documents ready, keep a tab on hearing dates, bringing together witnesses, and arranging other aspects of the process. You may rest assured that your case is being dealt carefully, even if you cannot handle everything yourself.

5. Perceptibility: The SSA receives so many claims that if somehow your claim is dismissed, you will be required to file for a hearing and most probably wait long enough before a judge is available. Though drastic situations can expedite your case, this seldom happens. An SSDI attorney will ensure that you get a hearing as soon as possible. He prevents the delay and also arranges for an ORD verdict.

Don’t wait any longer. It is time to get the help of an SSDI Attorney. Middletown has many such attorneys who are ready to help you.

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