“Magic wand” takes away pain of dental procedures

by | Nov 1, 2012 | health-medical

Very few people do not suffer anxiety when it comes to having dental work done that involves a local anesthesia. But there is a new technology available for Dentists in New York and other parts of the country that can help their patients be more comfortable and less anxious about having local anesthesia administered before and during a procedure such as filling, tooth restoration, root canals and others.

Known as the “wand”, this computerized local anesthesia system is a hand held piece that looks very similar to a writing pen. Anyone who has ever had to endure a dental procedure done by dentists in New York or elsewhere knows that oral injections can be painful and irritating. The reason for this in part is that the anesthesia when injected by a syringe and needle is concentrated into one area until is dissipates. Also, if the anesthesia is administered too quickly that can be painful as well. If too much of the tissue in your mouth goes numb, then patients are not able to chew, swallow or speak properly for a period of time after their procedure is complete. These factors can contribute to anxiety and avoidance of necessary dental procedures in patients young and old. Young children for the most part are greatly afraid of any type of syringe and needle and can become quite stressed out at the thought of an oral injection. This fear can linger into adulthood in many cases.

With the “wand” computerized delivery system, the volume and flow rate of the anesthesia’s delivery is controlled so that it can be administered in a way that is more accurate and only to the targeted area. Because the wand doesn’t look like a syringe with a needle, there is less anxiety from the patient. With the “wand” a small drop of topical numbing solution is administered first to the injection site so that the needle can be inserted comfortably. The computerized control system lets the anesthesia be delivered in small doses for maximum effectiveness and there is less occurrence of too much medication all at once and less numbness afterwards since only the area being worked on is anesthetized. Now New York dentists can offer their patients of all ages a painless way to have much needed dental repair and preventative procedures performed. Patients can arrive with less anxiety because they know ahead of time that they will not have to endure painful injections and that there will be less after effects. No more drooling or biting their tongues. Painful oral injections can be a thing of the past when dental care providers make use of the computerized wand system for administering local anesthesia. Patients are happier and more relaxed, dental procedures can be done in a quicker and timelier manner.

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