Making the Most of Your Rental Photo Booth Experience

One of the latest crazes when planning a party is renting a photo booth to provide fun keepsakes for your guests.  Photo booths typically send guests home with the traditional strip of black and white photos, and are sometimes equipped with fun props such as sunglasses, wigs and costume jewelry.  Newer photo booths even offer options such as color printing or online access to photo shoots, allowing you and your guests to purchase additional prints after the party has ended.  However, not all rental photo booth companies are created equal.  Be sure to get the scoop on the way your rental company operates by asking the following questions.

What type of camera do they use?
A good indication of a professional, high quality photographer is the use of a DSLR camera.  Some photo booths use webcam technology, which takes lower quality photos that may appear pixelated or out of focus.  These low-resolution cameras are cheaper for the photo booth operator to use, but will result in you, the customer, feeling like you did not get what you paid for.

What about their printer?
Some photo booth companies will attempt to pass off prints from cheap “photo printers” that are not much different from standard inkjet printers you use at home.  Even worse, there are rental photo booth businesses that pass off prints that are made with run-of-the-mill inkjet printers.  Neither of these options will produce the high-quality, long-lasting prints you want for you and your party guests.  Seek out a photo booth operator who prints with a “sub dye” printer, the expensive, high-tech printers used by photo printing companies and photo studios, to ensure that your photo booth prints are high-quality and last a lifetime.

Is there a setup fee?
Some rental companies charge an additional fee for setting up the photo booth.  Be sure to fully understand all fees and policies before booking a photo booth company, so that there are no surprises when you receive the final bill.  Additionally, if you’re in need of a photo booth operator to set the booth up hours in advance of the event, be sure to check to see if there is a charge for the hours of “downtime” that the booth sits, unused, waiting for guests to use it.

What exactly does each package contain?
Rental photo booth companies offer many options to their clients, ranging from standard photo packages, to extravagant packages where props and special effects are involved.  Be sure you understand each package offered by the company, and that you select the one that you and your guests will be happiest with.

At A&S Play Zone, we understand the importance of capturing memories for you and your guests through photography.  Our photo booth rental services include several package options and price ranges, and are handled by professional, courteous staff.  For more information about our photo packages, visit us at Website.

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