Making the Switch to a VoIP Telephone System for Business

Many businesses are finding it far more efficient and more profitable to leave behind their old, traditional methods of communicating with clients and vendors and are switching to VoIP telephone systems in Lincoln, NE. VoIP offers many features that other telephone systems in Lincoln, NE simply could never fulfill, such as the ability for employees to telecommute, voice mailbox messaging systems, individual personal business numbers, private faxing services, and teleconferencing capabilities, just to name a few.

Other features may include limited access numbers that can bar or ban certain callers, proficient logging of all calls with the possibility of entry into an online database, and the capacity to redirect calls from one phone to another including mobile phones. Mobility is one of the key factors that make VoIP systems popular for many businesses and organizations, allowing employees to work from home or to field calls while at another site.

Martha Kendall is the vice president of operations for a private college in the Midwest. “Making the change to an Internet-based telephone system made a huge difference not only in the quality of our communication with clients and students,” she said, “but it has also proved to cost less over time. We are simply amazed at how efficient the new system is, and it almost feels like we are getting it for free.”

When choosing a VoIP provider, it is important to fully understand all the features and to customize what you will pay for according to your need. It isn’t profitable to make the transition to more proficient and efficient communication solutions if they are implemented incorrectly and you end up paying for features that you will never use. It is also important to make sure you will not be leveraged with any hidden charges. Every component of the package you choose for your business should be clearly explained, including function and cost. If it isn’t, it may be better to select another provider.

The quality of your broadband connection is also an important component in properly setting up your system. It will be necessary to have a clear, clean, and strong connection, and that your provider prioritizes voice traffic rather than combining voice traffic with other Internet bundles. If there is no prioritization, the quality of calls can suffer – voices may be choppy or sound strange, and calls may get dropped.

Professional technicians can help customize telephone systems for individual business needs in Lincoln, NE, as well as help to choose the most reliable service provider for VoIP telephone systems at the lowest cost in Lincoln, NE.


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