Mesmerizing Facts about Boats and How to Find Affordable Marine Boat Motors For Sale in Eugene, OR

by | Sep 14, 2018 | transportation-n-moving-services

Mankind has been traversing rivers, lakes, and oceans for thousands upon thousands of years, as evidenced by the fact that the Pesse Canoe, which was unearthed in Hoogeveen of the Netherlands, is estimated to be more than 10,000 years old according to carbon-dating assessments.

Boats have come a long way since the Mesolithic Period, however, so let’s highlight some fascinating information about modern seafaring vessels and how to ascertain cost-effective marine boat motors for sale in Eugene, OR.

Remarkable Particulars Regarding Boating in the US

Before we tend to the task of finding high-quality marine boat motors for sale in your proximity, let’s brush up on some boating trivia:

  • The aggregate number of Americans that engage in boating activities is currently at an all time high. As of this past year, nearly 75 million people partook in at least one day of leisure out on the water.
  • At the moment, it is estimated that upwards of 20 million US citizens own some type of seafaring craft and that the recreational boating sector is valued at nearly $40 billion, which explains the recent surge in demand for marine boat motors for sale.
  • Psychological research has shown that boating enthusiasts and those who fish on a consistent basis actually have better, longer lasting relationships with their colleagues, children, and romantic partners.

Simply stated, nautical adventures are woven into the very fabric of life in the United States, and our love for boating will only continue to grow as the years tick by.

Buying an Outboard Motor: Pinpointing the Best Dollar-for-Dollar Value

If you’ve started exploring the selection of marine boat motors for sale in your vicinity, it’s in your best interests to avoid private listings, and, instead, coordinate your efforts with a trustworthy marine equipment dealer.

If you check out Coos Bay Marine, Inc. you’ll be able to peruse through a gargantuan selection of high-end, certified products, learn about the specs of each motor, and then work with a highly knowledgeable panel of boating mavens to isolate the best engine option contingent upon your requirements and personal budget.

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