Money Saving Tips to Chimney Cleaning Bellevue

Chimney cleaning is a chore that not many homeowners take into consideration. Truth be told, it is very important to maintain your chimney properly to prevent damage to your home or your health. If you are not one to get down and dirty while cleaning then you may want to hire a chimney sweep. Chimney sweeps can offer you a service that will properly clean out your chimney to prevent further damage and safety hazards. In this economy however, many homeowners don’t have the money to pay for a service that can range from $200-$400. While protecting your home and safety can be expensive, it is a must. Below you will find a few ways in which you can save money and clean your chimney on your own. This way you can cut back on how many times you need to call a chimney cleaning Bellevue service for help.

Materials Needed
* Chimney rods as well as the appropriate brush head for your chimney.
* A ladder strong enough to support you while you get onto the roof.
* Cloths, tarps, or old sheets to protect your fireplace and mantel are from the dirt and grime that escapes.
* A shop vacuum with a good filter.

Steps to Chimney Cleaning Bellevue
1. Remove all objects from your fireplace and your mantel. You don’t want to risk dirt and ashes all over. Once you have double checked that everything has been removed from the area you can then place your cloth or tarps on the floor in front of the fireplace. The second cloth or tarp you want to hang from the mantel so that the dust does not flow into the air.

2. The next step to chimney cleaning Bellevue area is to get the vacuum. Be sure that you have the filters hooked up properly so that it does not create a big mess. You then want to plug in the vacuum and get the ladder for outside.

3. Always follow safety precautions when using a ladder as you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself.

4. If you’re using a ridge hook ladder you want to tug it to make sure that it is safe to use. Carry all of your chimney cleaning supplies up with you to the top of the roof. Once you arrive at the top you’re going to put your brush head on the rod and stick it into your chimney. You want to begin sweeping in an up and down motion but no further than an arms length in reach. You can then add another rod and repeat the process from the top of the chimney to the bottom.

Once you’ve finished the above steps you can safely bring all of your materials down and carry them back into your house. As a final step you want to vacuum the inside of your house removing all of the dust that may have gotten in while you were cleaning. If you make sure that you maintain the cleaning of your chimney you won’t need to hire a professional chimney cleaning Bellevue service to come out. However, if heights are not your thing you always have the option of picking up the phone.


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