Natural Dog Breath Freshener Helps Keep Canine Mouths Clean and Healthy

When it comes to products like a commercial-grade dog breath freshener, natural materials aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind. Chances are that few pet owners actually think about where their dog’s treats even come from. With increased market pressures acting on the dog food industry, however, there’s been a large push for safer treats that can help keep pooches healthy.

One organization has elected to harvest a rather unique form of kelp that’s found only in the cold waters of the northern Atlantic. This organism lives in one of the purest areas of the coastline left in all of Scandinavia. As a result, it’s free of nearly all of the industrial chemicals that you’d find in a majority of other ocean-sourced products.

This might seem like a lot of work just to make a dog breath freshener treat, but nothing is too good for those who truly consider their animals part of the family. Canine halitosis is a major problem among pets, especially when they’ve been fed a diet of food that contains artificial ingredients. Though it can be tempting to think of it as nothing more than foul breath, halitosis is often caused by a sort of parasite.

By chewing on a product like this, dogs can help to regulate the natural ecosystem that lives inside of their mouth without relying on yet another synthetic compound. As an increasingly large percentage of dog owners switch over to these kinds of products, it’s likely that natural breath fresheners will be a common sight at parks everywhere.

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