Non-Toxic Wholesale Insect Repellent that is Changing the World

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance during the summer months. Although many people are bitten every year and experience the typical swelling, itching and redness that accompanies a bite, there are other risks involved for serious illness when a mosquito is carrying a virus, or a parasite, and mosquitoes that are infected with diseases, such as West Nile Virus, yellow fever, malaria and encephalitis often have grave consequences. To keep the public safe, insect repellent is an effective treatment against mosquito bites and significantly reduces the risk for illness or death.

However, many products on the market attempt to eliminate one problem, but also cause another problem as a result. Some insect repellents work effectively at fighting off insects, but are also toxic to humans as well. This is counter-productive, and consequently causes more problems while eliminating only one. Fortunately, Sawyer has developed a wholesale insect repellent that effectively protects humans from mosquito bites and is also non-toxic. Sawyer is committed to developing products that are real solutions to deadly problems in the world, and they use technology to search for answers that eliminate danger for everyone.

Sawyer’s wholesale insect repellent product line includes a full line of non-toxic repellents for a variety of applications. Their spray pump insect repellent with sunscreen is a safe PABA Free repellent that leaves no residue on the skin, and lasts for up to eight hours. It also moisturizes the skin without clogging pores, and is hypoallergenic, and waterproof as well. Sawyer also carries a spray pump insect repellent with sun block that meets airline requirements for carry on. It has the same ingredients and features, but also comes in a small size for carrying on the airline.

For protection when camping or staying outdoors for long periods of time, Sawyer has developed insect repellent for clothing, gear accessories, tents, and other outside items. This repellent kills more than 55 insects, and permethrin is the active ingredient. This repellent does not damage any fabric or surfaces, and it is a good alternative to spraying directly onto the skin. Users will remain protected even up to six washes. The newest time-released repellent technology is effective up to 11 hours and is a liposome-based repellent for maximum protection. Sawyer’s insect repellent solutions have been useful around the world, and have contributed greatly to preventing sickness and disease, without exposing humans to harmful toxins.

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