Obama Birth Lie- Where was He Born?

by | Sep 28, 2011 | news-politics

The President of the United States has great power. He or she is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. According to Article 2 of the U.S. constitution, he or she must be a natural born citizen of the United States. It is important that he or she be born on American land. The people of the country can then feel confident that he or she can take decisions which will impact their lives.

The Obama birth lie refers to his being born on Kenyan soil, according to some people. This led to him showing his Hawaiian birth certificate to the media, but speculations abound that it could very well have been forged. It is important that the American people keep this issue alive.

Only when American citizens put pressure on their elected representatives, can this issue be brought to a conclusion. You can petition your representative, write to The White House, and  look for more information on this subject online.

Mobilizing support for this topic is one of the ways in which you can contribute. You can download posters from the net and put them up where others will be able to see them. Starting discussions on this topic with your peers will make them more aware.

Many politicians have also questioned Obama’s claim of being born in the United States. As the leader of the country has access to sensitive military information, it is important that he or she meet the requirements for holding the post, as laid down in the constitution.

It is important that the rule of law be followed in the country. Citizens need to demand that the congress investigates this issue until it is resolved.  You should contact the media and your local representative to keep it alive.

When you write a letter to your representative, make sure you have a digital copy which you can put online. You should sent the letter by courier so that you have proof of delivery. Get them notarized and contact as many elected representatives as you can.

A democracy is of the people, so as a member of the country you need to speak up. You can also put bumper stickers on your car to make even strangers aware of this issue. Getting more people involved is important to taking the issue of the Obama birth lie forward.  Unless the people have confidence in the president, it is unlikely that they will be happy.

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