Our Company Provides Professional Furnace Services Both Difficult and Simple

Our Chicago furnace service is available year-round because we know that our city has changeable weather conditions. You may need to use your air conditioner for a week in Chicagoland, but by the next week, it is cold again, requiring additional heat in your home or business. After having the heating equipment turned off for a little while, it may not work when you turn it back on. Fortunately, you can contact us at any time for heating equipment repairs so that you can have a comfortable business or home again.

Our Technicians can Change Furnace Filters and Replace Broken Parts.

Lack of routine maintenance is one of the primary reasons for climate-equipment malfunctions, and our Chicago furnace service technicians often learn that the filters haven’t been changed in a year or longer. This leads to components that may stop working, requiring us to replace mechanisms that were destroyed by negligence. After changing the filters and replacing broken parts, our technicians can clean the heating equipment to ensure that it functions without overheating. Before leaving a building, our technicians will walk through the structure, making sure that warm air is flowing from the vents.

We Know How to Repair Electric and Natural Gas Heating Systems

When you try to turn on a furnace, it may not ignite, but our Chicago furnace service company has technicians who understand how to work with heating equipment that is powered with natural gas or electricity. We can determine why a pilot light isn’t functioning on a furnace so that it can be repaired and will turn on. After the furnace is operating, a technician will check the heating system for additional problems to ensure that it is working optimally. Contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling for your residential and commercial heating repairs today.

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