Pain Management Using Holistic Techniques

Most of us at some point of our lives have had to face pain due to some injury, chronic condition, neuralgia, muscular pain, or pain due to a herniated disc etc. Today’s stressful lifestyle only compounds causes of pain. We are often looking for ways to effectively achieve some pain management so that we can go about our daily activities. When consulting a physician, it’s a good idea to seek advice from someone who takes a more holistic approach to your complaint as sometimes pain is psychosomatic, having emotional triggers and cannot be entirely explained by medical science.

Pain management includes use of physiotherapy techniques, but in certain severe conditions invasive pain management procedures, such as epidural steroid injections and nerve blocks are also required. In this case, these procedures should always be conducted by a trained medical practitioner. For a serious complaint, understanding the pathology of the pain is necessary. A pain management team is usually composed of doctors, neurosurgeons, nurses, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. As mentioned earlier, if the patient is not responsive to the normal course of treatment using analgesics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and other pharmacological procedures like TENS etc. Then psychological measures have to be resorted to. Biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy are some common therapies that might be used.



For a holistic approach to your pain management, consult a clinic or a practitioner who uses different techniques to counter the symptoms. Some of the various techniques that might by employed include – nerve blocks, electrical nerve stimulation, acupuncture, yoga, epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections, selective medications, physical therapy, drug detoxification (if necessary), meditation and/or conscious relaxation techniques, massage therapy, stellate ganglion blocks, lumbar sympathetic blocks, biofeedback, and so on. For a comprehensive solution to your complaint, always consult the clinic that has access to these therapies.

As we grow older, osteoarthritis, joint pains, spondylosis, disc degeneration, and herniated disc will cause you to lose days off work, ruin your holiday plans, or just make you plain miserable. Some people who have frequent migraines are debilitated by the throbbing pain that causes every moment of wakefulness to be an ordeal.  Older people often suffer from an outbreak of shingles which is a viral disease, causing pain, itching, and discomfort. These and other such complaints can be handled by using pain management. Clearwater FL has several clinics that are dedicated to such complaints. Check out the doctors and their credentials. Always confirm if your doctor is using a holistic approach to pain management as this will give best results.

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