Pointers for Finding a Gifted Program

If you have a gifted child, you may benefit from putting him or her in a special school. In a gifted program he or she is likely to learn more and better than in a conventional school. In a normal environment at school your child may be easily distracted, get bored, and have difficulty staying interested in homework.

You can search online for a suitable school in your area. Shortlist two or three based on their curriculum and fees. You can also ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. However, you should first check whether your child is indeed gifted.

If your child is inordinately curious, verbally advanced, and likes to learn new things, he or she may be gifted. Other signs include perfectionism, frustration if unable to pick up new skills quickly, and an ability to understand abstract concepts easily. You should also watch out for an adult sense of humor, creative play, and a preference for older playmates.

Social skills should also be emphasized on at the school. Otherwise your child may develop intellectually but lack social skills, which will prove to be a handicap when he or she leaves school. Teachers at the gifted school should also evaluate your child so that you know whether he or she is really gifted.

Check the qualifications of the teachers so that you feel confidence in their abilities. They should be able to understand the special needs of gifted children. The school should have a low student faculty ratio so that the teachers are able to give individual attention to your child.

In case the school is a primary one, check whether they plan to introduce more grades. Otherwise, you may find it inconvenient to shift your child to another school later on. Once he or she is settled in a particular school, your child may rebel when asked to change base.

In case you need financial help, check whether the school provides scholarships. You will need to furnish evidence that you need financial assistance when you apply for aid. Weigh the benefits of enrolling your child in a gifted program. Potomac residents should consider a school which is located in their area, so that it is easy to pick up and drop off children everyday. A bilingual school is an added advantage because it will provide an intellectual stimulation to your child. Look for a school which uses all the senses when imparting learning.


Gifted Program Potomac – Be careful while selecting a gifted program. Potomac residents should consider the Feynman School, which has a diverse curriculum and also has lessons in Spanish.

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